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Today is Thursday, April 22nd, 2021
Custom Maps

Map Listing

New maps which have been released or are being worked on after the initial Steam Release
Work In Progress:
  • Defection campaign - by X-tr3m3r
  • ctf_olympus, a Capture the Flag map, nearing final release - by Nox
  • es_navigator, a Hardcore mode map still in beta - by headprogrammingczar
  • cp_arena, a Control Points map with the old King Of The Hill concept - by our hardworking mapper sbrown
  • es_delerict, a Hardcore Mode map with a twist - by Nox
  • cp_relay, a Control Points map which has been included in the official client - by sbrown


The Eternal Silence team is commited to supporting the development of custom and community-built maps. If you are working on a custom map for Eternal Silence, please let us know by PM and we will do our best to assist you.

The Files

We've packaged a ZIP file (download) with the VMF file for es_aethra as a concrete example, some WIPs, examples and prefabs. These series of unfinished maps may serve as starting points for your own maps.

Textures and models can be downloaded here if you don't want to extract the files using GCF Scape.

Important Info

It's important to note that Eternal Silence runs off the Episode 1 SDK. See the forum threads below for important setup information.

Eternal Silence mapping is not for beginners. Before attempting to create an Eternal Silence scenario make sure you are familiar with Hammer. Eternal Silence has many hacks in it to make it work, and developing a map for it can take a lot of precision work. If you have questions, ask the team in the Mapping Forum.


While you are developing your map, unless you take the time to generate a valid map.txt file which contains the overview information, your map will have a blank spawn screen. Use the console command list_subsystems to get a list of valid subsystems and then use spawn_subsystem [id] to select your subsystem. After this choose your weapon and press OK. The spawn screen won't close but you will spawn eventually. You will need to repeat the spawn_subsystem command every time you die.


The FGD contains entity documentation, so please read it. If you still have questions regarding ES mapping, you can post in our Mapping Forum and team members will do their best to answer your questions.


If you have created a custom map and wish to release it to the community, contact us by PM. We will secure hosting for your files through our partners and we will promote your map on the news. A list of custom Eternal Silence maps will be placed here in the near future.

Upon completion of your map, we may ask your permission to distribute it in the official client.