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The Story of Eternal Silence

Eternal Silence Background

The Origin War

In the final war on Earth, two sides struggled against each other in a desperate, climactic battle far above the planet. One side, realizing defeat was near, detonated a prototype superweapon planetside.

Earth was consumed entirely by the mysterious weapon, leaving no trace behind.

The weary survivors, victors only in a hollow sense, set forth in their military vessels to the nearest habitable system. On their backs rested the burden to rebuild human civilization from a small colony on a hostile planet named Neo Terra.

550 years later, another major war, the Nova War would besiege humanity. In a disturbing parallel to the Origin War, the superweapon that destroyed Earth would be pieced together from the ashes of history, in a secret project codenamed Eternal Silence.

Eternal Silence Story

Table of Contents

Story written by Rex "X-Ray" Riepe

Eternal Silence Short-Stories

Short Stories written by Alfred "GMan" Goodrich